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25 February
OK, I'm changing this. The old still stands, so we'll keep it: West Virginia girl. Doesn't like shoes no matter how stereotypical it's gonna sound. Does like blankets.

The update: Born, raised and college-educated here in WV. Moved away for a few years and got to missing the accent and Appalachian food so much that I moved back. Always feel like I'm straddling a line somewhere because I have redneck skills and an education. It's an interesting place to be stranded, really. I make many posts friends-only because I formerly knew some rather vicious, petty people. I also should confess that I'm known by some as "the mean sister." I got a kick out of that the first time I heard it and have since adopted it. It's for nothing, really. It was given to me by a meth whore who kept making racist and homophobic comments at a party I threw which she crashed. So although the source is less than credible, I kinda liked it in the sense that if you're being a complete asshole, I'll more than likely get around to telling you that you're being a complete asshole. The fact that a complete stranger had heard this about me pleased me very much.

I'm not sure why anyone who doesn't know me personally would really be interested in my friends-only posts, as they mainly include nightly menus, idiotic conversations and news about my family and friends. But if you're so inclined, you're welcome to ask. I found one of my favorite people by accident on LJ, so I'll definitely consider any new person.

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